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The murders at Mörkö

The murders at Mörkö

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You are called to action to reveal the secrets behind two murders that took place in the town of Mörkö in 2006. What really happened on those autumn days 17 years ago? Where do all the mysterious trails lead? And what was it that investigator Strandberg realized on his deathbed, 15 years later, that was so decisive that his wife contacted the Cold Fall group? What did he mean? Everything depends on you now.


Easy to get started! Read the introduction to the case, tackle the material and try to figure out who the killer is!

Recommended Number of Players: 1 – 8

Contains: Crime Scene Investigations, Interrogation Reports, Autopsy Reports , collected evidence, alarm calls, mapping, etc.

Age limit: 15 years

Realistic Experience: The game was developed based on what real crime investigations look like, and revised by lawyers and police officers.

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